Physics Based Helicopter Starter Kit Template (Third Person)

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[UPDATE3] Physics Based Helicopter Starter Kit Template (Third Person) / Network Replicated / Easily customizable and adaptable





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Spaceship Update

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This is an easy to use physics based helicopter Starter Kit Template made 100% by Blueprints and is network replicated.

There are many customizable features like:

  • Explosions
  • Applied Forces
  • Vehicles calibration, stability, speed and control
  • Vehicles and characters stats
  • Drowning mechanic
  • Animation settings
  • Passengers
  • Fuel consumption
  • Modify camera distance
  • Grab system with cable
  • Modify cable length
  • Underwater sound and postprocess effect
  • Rotor collision
  • Weapon system (/w single/auto fire, magazine size and reloading time)
  • Spaceship Sample
  • Graphic Axis Debug

IMPORTANT: Play levels as “Standalone Game” to test helicopters to get the correct result

+ Inclusive Blueprint Nativization Working

Technical Details


  • Third Person Character based project
  • Physics Based Helicopter master actor with customized children
  • Damage system based on impact force, speed, and personalized damage coefficient (x3 types: damage vs vehicle, vs character, and to self if it’s not one of the previous)
  • Network Replicated, multiplayer damage and passenger seats
  • Drowning engine system
  • Basic HUD
  • Weapon system
  • SpaceShip Sample

Working on:

  • Racing tracks
  • Better documentation

Number of Blueprints: 12

  • BP_MasterHeli (+7 children)
  • BP_Passenger
  • BP_Water
  • BP_HeliExplosion
  • BP_HeliController
  • BP_HeliHUD
  • HeliGameMode
  • ThirdPersonCharacter
  • BP_Projectile

Input: Keyboard

W/S = Forward / Backwards

A/D = Turn Left / Right

Q/E = Roll Left / Right

SpaceBar = Go Up

C = Go Down

F = Interact / Exit Heli

P = Reset

Mouse Wheel: Camera regolation

LMB: Fire

RMB: Aim


Mouse Wheel: Modify cable length

Left Shift + Mouse Wheel: Camera regolation

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: In the project and Blueprints are fully commented

Important/Additional Notes: Play levels as “Standalone Game” to test helicopters to get the correct results.


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