Side Scroller Stunt Starter Kit (Mobile Supported)

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Physics based vehicle side scroller starter kit





With this starter kit you can create a Side Scroller Game with wheeled vehicles.

This project includes a demonstration preset you can easily modify to get the right style for your game.

This project is 100% Blueprint based and designed to run on mobile platforms.


Windows Demo (Buggy UMG with mouse)

Android Demo

Tested on Samsung S6 (2015) and Nexus 5 (2013)

Technical Details


  • Side Scroller Template with default advanced vehicle from UE4 template
  • 3 different race types (time, score and objectives) and ranking
  •  Physics Based actors and collisions with object
  •  Health system (collisions damage)
  • UI and menu (track completation bar, health, race time, score, objectives, ranks…)
  • Settings
  • Progressive unlock level system (min rank from previous race to unlock)
  • UMG Buttons control system
  • Special abilities (sprint and invulnerability)
  • Frontflip / Backflip detection
  • Multiple tracks
  • Variable race depth
  • Camera advaned position settings (based on velocity and direction)
  • Sound and visual effects slots
  • Spline road tool (useful to create custom roads)
  • Following background
  • Generic assets and “neon” pack
  • Teleport (on tracks) system
  • Savegame

Number of Blueprints: 38 (+11 tutorial Blueprints)


W/S: Throttle

A/D: Rotate

Esc/P: Pause

R: Destroy self

Spacebar: Handbreak

UMG Buttons for mobile

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows / Android

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Mobile, Console

Documentation: 11 Blueprint Tutorials

Important/Additional Notes: Use “Standalone Game” to test your maps or physics will not be accurate


MarketPlace – Unreal Engine


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